Mondavi Sisters' Collection

Aloft & Dark Matter Wines

2016 Aloft Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2016 Aloft Cabernet Sauvignon is one of our favorite offerings to date.  As our seventh vintage, and first release made 100% by Angelina Mondavi, we were graced with another amazing growing season from start to finish with consistent, warm days bookended with cool mornings and evenings.  Being at the beckon call of Mother Nature, this wine is the exact representation we strive to produce each year with balance between tannins, fruit, and acidity. 

The terroir of our Cold Springs Vineyard, nestled atop Howell Mountain, continues to provide the foundation for the palate and aromas we love so much – blackberry, blueberry, lavender, anise, cran-apple, and semi-sweet chocolate. This stunning Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon reveals a palate nearly identical to the aromas. To paint you a picture, the palate is reminiscent of a raspberry Danish glazed with milk chocolate and a blueberry pie our grandmother, Blanche, used to bake to share with us on a beautiful summer day. Additional layers of complexity unravel notes of chocolate covered caramel, anise, coffee, black tea leaf, and a freshly rolled cigar.

Most would agree the Aloft Cabernets would pair perfectly with a grilled steak, but with the finesse of fruit and tannins offered by Howell Mountain, it is not uncommon for our family to enjoy these wines alongside a berry and chocolate dessert. 

$555.00 per 3-pack


2015 Dark Matter Zinfandel

Celebrating a decade, the 2015 Dark Matter Zinfandel continues to show like no other Zinfandel.  Four years in new French Oak and two years in bottle seems to be the perfect formula for our big Howell Mountain Zinfandel. While the first two years are spent soaking in notes from the hand-selected French Oak barrels, the remaining two years are spent mellowing out with minimal oxygen exposure. During this deep time spent in barrel, the intense fruit, vibrant acid, and bold tannin structure meld together to create a complex and layered mountain Zinfandel untouched by any other Zinfandel producer. 

Although a smaller yielding year, the intensity of berries from our 2015 harvest provided us aromas of a mixed plum, cherry, and raspberry pie, topped with a hint of cinnamon and sugar. A slight note of jammy raspberry from the extended hang time combined with tobacco leaf, cigar smoke and dark cocoa are layered in with subtle hints of rosemary and lavender. However, it would not be our Dark Matter Zinfandel without the trifecta of white, pink, and black peppercorn. Resembling a candied beef jerky on the palate, the trio of peppercorns are complimented with notes of peach, zippy nectarine, orange peel, and orange marmalade.

$345.00 per 3-pack

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2020 Aloft Chenin Blanc

As the newest addition to the Mondavi Sisters’ Collection, the Chenin Blanc is a throwback to original expressions developed by our Grandfather, Peter Mondavi Sr., who was the first to introduce a 100% Chenin Blanc into California in 1954. However, over the years Chenin Blanc has been slowly ripped out and replanted to Cabernet Sauvignon, leaving less than ten acres planted in the entire Napa Valley. For our second vintage, we continued to source fruit from the famous Henry’s Ranch Located in Pope Valley, just two miles east of our Howell Mountain properties. Now 77 years old, these old vines continue to provide us with depth and a vast profile of characteristics for our winemaker, Angelina, to work with.  

For the 2020 Chenin Blanc, we were fortunate to have picked our fruit prior to the fires allowing us to produce another vintage we all love.  As sisters, we returned to our roots to produce a Chenin Blanc that is cold fermented (a process developed by our grandfather Peter Sr.) in stainless-steel drums and one new French Oak barrel. Making up for 10% of the blend, this single French Oak barrel contributes an additional layer of complexity and dimension to the mouthfeel, while the stainless-steel fermentation retains the delicate aromas of Meyer lemon and lime zest, white peach, nectarine, and a hint of freshly picked apricot. The aromas, also prevalent on the palate, are carried with bright, mouthwatering acidity that is softened with the creaminess of lemon curd and lemon meringue pie, both family favorites. This year’s star of the show are vibrant notes of white peach and orange blossom. As the wine coats the mouth additional floral notes of jasmine and hints of vanilla contribute to this beautiful, yet delicate, Napa Valley Chenin Blanc.  

Our goal each year is to continue to produce a Chenin Blanc that is refreshing to enjoy on its own or alongside a beautiful salad or even a spicy dish.  

$225.00 per 3-pack

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2017 Dark Matter Limitless Cabernet Sauvignon

2017 was a humble reminder we are at the beckon call of the most powerful variable in farming - Mother Nature. Initially graced with a near perfect growing season complete with early spring rains, timely bud break, consistent afternoon warmth, and cool evenings and nights, it ended with one of the most dramatic and intense harvests we had seen to date. What we had not anticipated were the wildfires that raged through the North and South ends of our beautiful valley. While nearly 90% of the 2017 fruit was already picked and put to bed, much of the valley’s mountain fruit still remained on the vines. We were very fortunate that a combination of our high vineyard elevation, situated at 1,700 feet, and the micro-climates on Howell Mountain, kept the smoke below the famous fog-line and kept our properties in blue skies sparing us from the influence of smoke taint and fires.

The resulting 2017 rivals many of our other vintages offering an aromatic cabernet with intense notes of blackberry, boysenberry, and ripened raspberry with vast hints of clove, nutmeg, tobacco leaf, freshly rolled cigars, freshly ground coffee beans, hazelnut, and cocoa. The explosive expression includes floral notes of lavender, roses, and yellow flowers reminiscent of spring. On the palate, this massive and full-bodied cabernet, once decanted a couple hours, has present tannins that cloak the entire mouth, yet remain velvety and true to Howell Mountain. The tannins are complimented with bright acidity, notes of blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry and hints of black tea leaf, clove, coffee beans, and cacao. 

“Easily one of the longest finishes I have crafted, each sip has me craving more. Its concentration is out of this world, deep, rich, and very well integrated.  It tastes like a 100% Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.” ~ Angelina Mondavi

Thanks to the strength of our community and the tireless work of our First Responders, we are excited to release to you our 2017 Dark Matter Limitless Cabernet Sauvignon - a wine with finessed tannins, complex flavors, and an elegant finish.

$630.00 per 3-pack

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